From Hamburg into the world

Theatre is a place for reflecting and exploring those aspects of our existence that find no space in market-oriented way of thinking. As a society, we allow ourselves a place of unlimited freedom in which we are emancipated “from all that is named constraint, whether physical or moral” (Schiller).
This place is of course an aesthetic appearance, a dream world, a play. It is an astonishing and wise characteristic of our social order that society has created room for such an institution, and even supports it financially.

And yet the challenges posed by modern cities are complex. With its proverbial open-mindedness and its various cultural institutions, a modern cosmopolitan city such as Hamburg provides an intercultural urban society with manifold offers for endowment of meaning. Ever since Joachim Lux took on the role of theatre manager, his work has been characterized by invitations to countless guest performances, his involvement in the creation of a prime international festival, the artistic development of young talents from across the globe and a creative, constructive approach to internationalism.

The message is clear: the vision of an international theatre for the entire city of Hamburg is now within reach. In order to make the vision a reality, we need your participation:
We need you in order to foster young people’s interest in theatre, to expand our training scheme for international artists, but also to strengthen and develop the Thalia´s role as a “player” on the international theatre market. What we are aiming for is an international city theatre – a platform for cosmopolitan culture.


When Cheri Maurice was granted the license for a theatre in Hamburg in 1843, he was forbidden from staging serious plays in order to protect the Stadttheater on Dammtorstraße. ...

Technical information

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