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Cultivating links with schools is a huge part of ‘Thalia and Schools’. Through our school partnership schemes, TUSCH (Theatre and School) and Tandem, school groups of all ages gain huge insights into staging and production processes, and with guidance they develop their own scenes, themed evenings, inter-disciplinary projects and exhibitions in school, as well as other presentations on the theme of Thalia productions. As part of the project series ‘Tandem’, interested pupils can apply for long-term exchanges and collaboration.

We also perform our touring classroom plays in schools. ‘Das ist Esther’ (‘That is Esther’) tells the story of a Holocaust survivor from the perspective of her 17-year old granddaughter. ‘Chica Chica’ is a piece about two 15-year old girls –a German girl, Tess, who has a big mouth and a Turkish girl, Imra, who wears a headscarf. The world premiere of semi-autobiographical piece ‘Spiel Zigeunistan’ by Hamburg writer Christiane Richers highlights the life of a young Sinto from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. The pieces in the Thalia u18 series present young people, the world they live in and their views on the changing world. Thalia publishes a booklet twice a year, giving you our performance dates six months in advance. This allows you to better plan your visits and book tickets for your school group well in advance.

In November 2013 we started staging children’s and family plays for a young audience on the main stage of Thalia Theater. We are reprising our hit production of ‘Geisterritter’ (‘Ghost Knight’) by Cornelia Funke (for ages 10+), directed by Christina Rast. The piece reflects on fears and how to overcome them, on problems in patchwork families and on friendship. It deals with leaving the parental home, first love, growing up and the related search for your own place in the world. And we have recently added ‘The Wild Things’ by Dave Eggers to our programme, based on the picture book by Maurice Sendak (ages 7+), also directed by Christina Rast. The story of 8-year old Max – who one night dreams that he is on an island full of monsters – reveals how children look at the world in a special way, from their own perspective. In this exciting, imaginative adventure story, the lines blur between the everyday and the internal dream world.

 Furthermore we continually have offers for teachers. We provide materials, offer background information on productions and styles of theatre and we prepare teaching aids. We invite you to further training courses and monthly ‘teacher lounges’, where we provide important information about different theatrical experiences, which performances offer something unique to your school groups and which of our productions at Thalia Theater are particularly exciting for your pupils. With ‘house visits’ we offer encounters with the theatre, open rehearsals of scenes and backstage tours to integration courses at language schools. New to our ‘Thalia and Schools’ series (among other things) are our concrete project suggestions for Tandem partnerships, the ‘house visits’ for language schools and the extended teacher training options. Our programme series ‘Thalia Treffpunkt’ (‘Thalia Meeting Place’) can also give you important stimuli and new ideas for your work.

Theatre pedagogue Anne Katrin Klinge will stand in this season while Judith Mannke is abroad. Many of you will already know her through TUSCH (Theatre and Schools).

Thalia Theater GmbH, Thalia and Schools, Alstertor, 20095 Hamburg
Herbert Enge, Anne Katrin Klinge, Petra Urbanski, Nehle Mallasch (unart)

Telephone: 040.32 81 41 39 Fax: 040.32 81 42 04



Thalia Treffpunkt (meeting place) for young people and everyone

We offer theatre and workshop groups, principally aimed at young people and led by theatre professionals. Young and old come together in our mixed age group projects. Our programme, which includes lots of workshops, discussion groups, theatre and set design courses, began in September 2013 and runs until July 2014. As part of what we offer, audience members actively become actors, producers, performers and writers. For years we have offered many aspects of theatre as part of our ‘Thalia Treffpunkt’ series. ‘Thalia Treffpunkt’ projects focus on pieces and themes that arise from the Thalia programme. Over the past year this has seen extremely successful and very exciting projects become a reality e.g. the awarding of the theatre prize for disabled actors (GoldenHans), many concerts from our Eisenhans band, Bitte Lächeln! and the 2013 Grenzgänger Festival. We will host the Hamburg ‘unart’ youth competition for multimedia short performances, established by the BHF-BANK Foundation, for the fourth time in March/April 2014, presenting artistically demanding perspectives from young people on their own lives and on the world, in the unart-Hamburg Final and the best-of-unart-tour day. Based on these experiences, we have initiated a collaboration with different Hamburg youth organisations and schools as part of the Lessingtage 2014. In ‘God and the world and I’ young immigrants develop a new piece of their own, in a project with the Youth Immigration Service of the CJD Hamburg-Eutin, which has been established for three years. Meanwhile, we are pleased to be working in close collaboration with adult education centres in central Hamburg.

Theatre pedagogue Anne Katrin Klinge will stand in this season while Judith Mannke is abroad for a year. Many of you will already know her through TUSCH (Theatre and Schools).

Registration via the reply card, telephone or email (not forgetting by post!)

Thalia Theater GmbH, Thalia Treffpunkt, Alstertor, 20095 Hamburg
Herbert Enge, Petra Urbanski, Anne Katrin Klinge, Nehle Mallasch (unart)

Telephone: 040.32 81 41 39 Fax: 040.32 81 42 04